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Beyond the gates of Earth a new threat grows. Gorgunandro, son of Baeloff the Demon Lord has awoken. Banished during his murderous rampage through the Old Worlds almost 800 years ago, he has returned to destroy the bloodlines of all who dared oppose him.

When Scott Parker and Roper Robbins are attacked on opposite ends of Earth by the demon’s merciless henchmen, they are thrown headfirst into a strange new world—one where they will be tested in the most brutal ways imaginable.

Separated at birth because of the danger they posed to their kingdom, they are reunited once more in the Forest of Shadows. Here, they discover that they are not only brothers, but entities of a much higher power.

With time running out they must embrace their heritage
and confront their innermost fears, all whilst training to face an enemy of unimaginable horror. In a final game of chase, they must outrun monsters, outsmart sorcerers, and outlive their friends.
For if they don’t, their worlds and ours will surely plummet into darkness.


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About Michael Maguire


Michael Maguire developed a thirst for both travel and storytelling from a very early age.

Born in County Down, Ireland, he set-off to explore the world, living in both Europe and the USA before finally settling in Sydney, Australia in 2004.

When he’s not writing stories about sorcerers and demons, Michael can be found planning his next adventure, watching his beloved boxing/MMA or spending time with his beautiful wife and baby daughter.


Identical Strangers is his debut novel and Book One in The Chronicles of Armathazia series.

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